Standing up for animals shouldn't have cost Regan her life, but it did.

Animal Rights Advocate, Regan Russell was run over by a slaughterhouse truck and died.  This never should have happened.  The media called it a "transport truck," but that is a euphemism. It is a "slaughterhouse truck."  The truck was one of the millions of massive sixteen wheelers that haul pigs to their deaths at the Slaughterhouses each and every night around the world.

I personally attended a Los Angeles Pig Save, and I can tell you first-hand that just being in the vicinity of a slaughterhouse is no easy task.  The traumatizing smell, as you approach the dimly lit area, hits you like a ton of bricks.  Even with a mask on, you begin to feel the darkness that resides at these slaughterhouses.  This is a hidden billion-dollar business that operates in the night.  They do this all behind closed doors and in remote areas, so the public can remain dissociated to the brutality and outright murders of animals each and every night.  In fact, the billion-dollar meat ind…

It's nice to be kind to mice. Remove mice the humane way.

Got mice?  Well, no one wants to admit to having mice in their home, but wouldn't you know it we found just that.  Cute, small, gentle, and they mean no harm.
But unfortunately can cause harm to your food and home.  However, there is a way to humanely remove them and feel good about yourself in the process.  As an animal activist and advocate, I highly recommend the humane and kind way- and this is it! :). Check out: "CaptSure" It is a humane, non-poisonous, no hurt fingers, great product!

Got kids?  Show them how to safely trap a mouse then release them down the street and back into the wild.  It's that easy!  

No need for traps that kill the mice, and please whatever you do, please don't use glue traps!  Glue traps are pure torture for mice and that is no way to go.  You can use a $16 two capsules humane traps to capture mice right away without hurting them.  We enjoyed our morning walk down the road to release him, and it brings smiles to us knowing we saved thi…

Protect your Pets - Watch Pet FOOleD!

I just watched an incredible documentary last night called, Pet FOOleD.

It is about the pet food industry, what's in the food we are feeding our dogs and cats, and what you can do to get your pets off of kibbles/hard crunch food and move them to different diet that does not come from China!

Check it out when you can at

Learn the TRUTH about what is in the pet food we give our beloved dogs and cats then make the change.  We are going to a raw food diet for them, including proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Want to help end the Dog Meat Trade?

How can I help to end the dog meat trade?  Great question, and thanks for asking!

First off, it is very real.  It is the most horrific and barbaric killing of dogs in Asia.  Some things you can do to help end it.  Sign the petitions, raise awareness (doesn't have to be graphic, just enough to make the point that dogs need our help and the animal rights activists in Asia need our help) and consider stopping eating meat.

Wait, you want me to what?  Yes, if you eat meat, the best way to show your support to end the dog meat trade is to realize that an animal is an animal.  They will continue to laugh at us if we eat cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, etc and yet condone them for eating dogs.  The sooner we come to realize that no animal wants to die, the sooner we can raise conscious awareness around the world.

There are so many fantastic plant based options that not only taste better, but are better for your health!  Check them out!  You will find plant based hamburgers, chicken, bacon…

How Do I Go Vegan When I Love Beef Jerky?

How Do I Go Vegan When I Love Beef Jerky?

I used to buy beef jerky by the case.  Approximately once a month I would buy beef jerky, and I highly enjoyed eating it.   Well, except for the gross white fatty parts.  I enjoyed the jerky, but was so disgusted with the fat on the beef jerky.  I mean, why couldn't they do a better job of removing all of that fat?  I was so dissociated from the violence that had taken place to this poor animal for my food desire.  I also started having bad dreams when I was eating beef.  My dreams were of someone forcefully pulling on me and trying to take me away, (and I'm not talking about on vacation, but to my death.)

Then,  I started looking into plant based and vegan options, I found Faux Jerky!
WOW!  No more fat and I was no longer paying for cows to be killed, so I could eat them.  What a dream come true!  I'm talking good dreams, too.  No more bad dreams, once I switched to faux jerky.

There are many types of faux jerky out there which a…

Do you want to save animals? This is how you do it!

Do you love animals?  Do you want to save animals?  Do you know how to best save animals?  Here is the answer... The easiest and fastest way to save animals is to start by not eating them and switching to plant-based foods and dairy free options.

Yep, it is that simple.  You can save hundred and thousands of animals simply by not eating them. You can start gradually (if this is new for you) and work your way up to it or jump 100% in!

Check out 50 Reasons For a Vegan and Plant Based Diet Book by Shelly Fitzpatrick.

50 Reasons For A Vegan and Plant Based Diet

Want to have more energy?  Want to lower your chances of getting diabetes, heart conditions and cancer?  Want to feel lighter?  Even doctors are telling their patients to go vegan or plant based.  At the very least, they are recommending lowering your processed meat intake.
Be around for your family, children, pets and have increased energy and fewer doctor bills.

Buy your book now:
50 Reasons For A Vegan and Plant Based Diet book on sale at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks and Goodreads to learn more.
By: Shelly Fitzpatrick
April 2019